Is this seat taken?

Stay in control of your seating chart and
take the floorplan to the next level

Create a Seating Layout in Minutes

Drag and drop tables to match your exact venue layout. Add, expand, and rotate tables and label chairs with our easy seating chart editor.

Customize and Print Your Floorplan

Once you're done designing your seating chart, print the final version in no time. You can also upload an existing seating chart.

Find any guest and directly access their profile

There is no need to open the seating chart every time you need to access information. Seating info is saved in the guestlist profile.

Stress-Free Planning

Deciding who is going to sit where seems overwhelming, but our tools make it easy. And once you finish the floorplan you can easily share the chart with your guests.

You Know Best

You won't miss anyone with our seating chart tool, which lets your sync your guestlist to the floorplan. Then place everyone in the seat of your choice to ensure the best arrangement.